Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. If any of your questions are still not answered then please contact us and one of our expert eyelash technicians will be happy to help you.

  • Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individual lash extensions. They are applied by a process of attaching one semi-permanent extension to each individual natural lash. We use black glue during this process to ensure lashes appear darker and fuller. Semi-permanent eyelashes add thickness and length to your natural eyelashes without the use of mascara.

  • Our lashes are 100% genuine high quality mink lashes, made up of synthetic material very similar to human hair.

  • No, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. Your lashes go through a shedding cycle, which means as your lashes shed, your eyelash extensions fall out individually along with the natural lash they are attached to. The eyelash extensions do not pull out your natural lashes. The average person has between 90-120 natural lashes, each eye will naturally shed 2-5 lashes per day. If you break it down averaging 3 lashes per day, you will find that in one week you will have lost 21 lashes, in two weeks you will have lost 42 lashes and by three weeks you will have lost 63 lashes and so on.

  • One set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions will last up to 3 months with regular 2-3 week infills. At EssexLash we recommend that after 3 months you should have a removal and a new set applied to ensure your natural lashes stay in tip top condition.

  • We request that all customers arrive for their appointments eye makeup free and all contact lenses removed.

  • Different Lash sets take different times. The timing is also dependent on the client’s natural lashes as some clients have a lot more than others. Please allow approximately 2 hours for Classic Lashes and approximately 3 hours for Russian Volume Lashes. For infills, we have found working by time (per hour) the best, it is up to the client to decide how many hours they feel is appropriate for the infills to give 100% coverage, so please consider this when booking infills.

  • At EssexLash we have many different extensions which vary in lengths, curls and thicknesses to suit all eyes, ages and needs. We have a range of thicknesses available. We also have a range of curl shapes which are perfect for every occasion. Firstly we have the J curl shape. This lash is the closest shape we have to the actual human eyelashes helping us to create natural looking lashes. Secondly, we have the B curl shape, this lash mimics the look created when using an eyelash curler. Thirdly we have the C curl shape (our most popular) this lash creates attractive lashes which look as if they have been permed. Lastly we have the D curl shape, this lash creates doll-like lashes for special occasions. Prior to your appointment, you will have the chance to discuss with one of our qualified eyelash technicians which look you would like to achieve. There is always a lash to suit each individual person.

  • After you have your gorgeous new set of lashes please avoid any swimming, saunas and steam rooms for 24 hours. After this you are free to get the lashes wet. We advise that you should wash your lashes regularly. You should use warm water and a pea size of ‘Johnson’s’ baby shampoo, and stroke your lashes up and down (do not rub) and then rinse them. Finally lightly press your eyelashes dry and brush them with your free mascara comb to fan them out. It is very important to wash your eyelashes to avoid bacteria build up, such as clogging from excess face makeup etc. This will prevent any eye infections such as blepharitis. Please avoid any oil based products around the eye area.

  • Many people love the effect of eyelash extensions and feel that they don’t even have to wear mascara. However it is possible to wear mascara along with your eyelash extensions. Please make sure the mascara used is a non oil based mascara and that it is removed properly. Please be aware that the use of mascara may shorten the life of your eyelashes.

  • Please never try to remove eyelash extensions yourself. This will cause damage to your natural lashes and will result in them falling out too. You must always make an appointment with EssexLash to have your eyelash extensions removed professionally.